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Wer ist Maikol Jaschkon?
Daniel (Tanz) & Patrick (Klavier) Spontan.
Marie Jäschke plays Bach-Busoni Chaconne.
Kids were making a line to play the piano --- Die Kinder stellten eine Reihe auf, um Klavier zu spielen.

Titanik Rap

This gentleman, who apparently had never played the piano in his life, put a card directly on it saying that he had several children, that he had no money, that he was looking for work, that any help could be useful. He even asked the audience who wanted to donate to us, to donate to him. That's why we called his piece "Blues for life."


This guy plays the piano. His baby accompanies him from time to time hitting the keyboard.

His mother is waiting for both with love, patience, and a smartphone. This is life at the Taubenplatz:

it is like a waterfall that breathes-in people who share Space & Time. Life goes on.


The beautiful Rieko Okuda's concert this evening amazed us with its power, but also with its tenderness.


From the first concert today with Sebastián Quiroga Chaud. The audience speaks out their opinion.

Diese junge Frau spielte und sang mehrere "Standards", bis Maikol sie ablöste.


Ein Projekt von berliner-klavier.demit der freundlichen Unterstützung von Kiezanker 36 (Familien- und Nachbarschaftzentrum Wrangelkiez),

Begegnunsstätte Falckenseinstrasse und Komponist Carlos Sandoval

Inhalber und Konzept: Carlos Sandoval - Falckensteinstr 8, 10997 Berlin - 01775994624
Klavierstrasse / GEMA 2018, Copyright, Carlos Sandoval